Different styles and ways for installing & decorating a fence.

When putting together your garden plan, it’s easy to miss a big piece: the fence! But no one can deny that a fence is an important utility for the garden, helping to set the stage as well as keeping property away from prying eyes.

First, decide what your fence will be used for. Do you want some privacy, or are you just looking for something purely aesthetic? A privacy fence will need to be somewhere between 5 and 6 feet, while a fence for simple decoration can be as low as 2 or 3 feet. Once you have your height in mind, you can pick out a material and style!

Going Wide

We’ve all heard that horizontal stripes are not slimming–but while you wouldn’t want to wear horizontal stripes, you might want to use the illusion for your yard. A horizontal slat fence will make your garden look more expansive, so we suggest using one for smaller gardens. They’re also awesome for hanging things like hanging planters.

Want something flashy? Stain a wood slat fence with a nice, bright color.

Going Stately

Nothing is more elegant than a nice, wrought iron fence. These fences are sturdy and classy–but they’re not just great for being dependable. Unlike a slatted fence, wrought iron fences are easy to see through, which means you can put a backdrop (like a hedge, or some flowers) into the spotlight. 

Going Traditional

It’s the American dream: a white picket fence. While a picket fence is the classic example, it doesn’t need to be boring. Did you know you can find picket fences in a variety of styles? Between the style of the pickets and the tops of the posts you use, you can create a unique look–or mix things up for something eclectic. And don’t settle for plain white; as with our “going wide” tip above, stain your fence for a dash of color and exoticism.

Whip Something in an Instant

You can make an instant fence with privacy panels; imagine a roll of willow panels reinforced with steel wire for a natural, simple–and best of all–easy fence. You can also use a nice woven willow fence, which makes a nice wicker sort of look.

Go Ultra-Affordable

“Cheap” doesn’t have to mean cheap in quality. A fence of hog wire will keep pests away, while setting an attractively rustic tone on the garden.

Decorate It!

Once you have your fence, you’ll want to decorate it! We’ve already mentioned staining, but what else can you do? Installing shadow boxes made from reclaimed wood gives some shelving space to place small plants or cute lights, like rustic lanterns.For a truly rustic and homey look, you can hang garden tools directly from a fence. You won’t want to use these tools–they can rust in the weather, but that look is also part of the country charm. For something green, try hanging, framed succulents for a no-frills, living decoration.