Halloween decorating is fun, but why take down all the scary items November 1 and start over for Thanksgiving? Blend in several fall-themed ideas for decorations that last through the autumn season.

Everyone loves Halloween decorations. It’s fun to get a little edgy and crazy, but don’t you feel silly at the end of the busy week following Halloween when you arrive home to find witches and wrinkling Jack-o-Lanterns still on your front porch? Make it easier this year by decorating once, adding some fall joy inside and outside your home that lasts past October 31 (and throwing in only one witch or Jack-o-Lantern for scary emphasis if you like). Here are a few ideas:

Make a Pumpkin Arrangement

If you don’t operate on a pumpkin, it lasts much longer on your porch, in a planter or inside your home. Use a range of sizes and colors, throwing in a few white varieties, a gourd or two and a few of the miniatures you can buy in your grocery store. Or place several miniatures in a hurricane vase indoors or an old lantern outdoors (maybe replacing the scary Halloween light or candle with the pumpkins November 1). Preparing for next year? Try growing a few styrian pumpkins, an heirloom variety grown mostly for its excellent seeds, but with a beautiful green and orange appearance.

Make a Pumpkin Mix

We’re not talking recipes here, though adding pumpkin can make just about any baked good better! Mix a pumpkin with some mums on your porch steps or by the front door, or place some miniature pumpkins and pine cones in a bowl, maybe adding a few corn husks. Set up your mix before Halloween to include pumpkins and a single ghost or favorite Halloween sign that you can easily pull after the big night. The pumpkins can remain or you can add a mum or tall strands of dried corn or wheat for height and interest.

Build a Scarecrow

Scarecrows are a great cross-over from Halloween to fall. They’re all about the Wizard of Oz and harvest. Let your imagination take over and make one out of pumpkins, using a turned-over washtub as a base and tiny brooms for arms. Repurpose old clothes, sticks and broom handles to build a clothed and stuffed scarecrow with a more traditional appearance. Here’s a tutorial. And have some fun, maybe adding your local school’s jersey or colors or poking fun at your own family. Sit the scarecrow, or a group of them, on your front porch swing.

Or Make a Mini-Scarecrow

Make a tiny scarecrow (or a few) out of baby onesies stuffed with straw. Craft their heads out of burlap and hold them up with a doll stand or other support. They’ll make great table toppers for a Halloween party and serve double duty for a fall or Thanksgiving arrangement with flowers, leaves, pumpkins, pine cones, corn husks, gourds or other natural items.

Use Rustic Containers and Natural Finds

Whether you choose pumpkins, leaves, branches or purchased dried berry arrangements, find country and farm-like objects for a little rustic charm. And repurposing saves you money and time. Why use a trellis for cascading fake fall flowers when you can use an upside-down tomato cage before you store it for the winter? Got something rusty? Stick a few dried flowers and assorted pumpkins inside (placing a rock on the bottom, flower foam, or some recycled bottles to add weight or height as needed). Add a Halloween themed sign, small decoration or ribbon that you can remove or replace and you’ve got a long-lasting fall decoration. This also works with any galvanized bucket, wooden or rusted wheelbarrow, or straw basket.