Get Creative this Harvest Season

Fall is a beautiful time. The colors are so rich and the air so crisp. Make your home cozy and beautiful with these nifty decorating ideas.

Harvest Wreath

You’ll need metallic paint and a foam or wire wreath as well as wheat from your local farmer’s market or craft store. Separate the wheat into three sections. Spray or brush each section with a different paint color (I recommend copper, gold and silver), then distribute each section evenly throughout the wreath. The difference in color adds dimension to the finished product while also giving your wreath a modern flair!

Pumpkin Carving for Grown-ups

Pick a mixture of traditional and heirloom pumpkins and instead of carving faces into them, hollow them out and place a candle in the center of each pumpkin for a grown-up take on the jack-o-lantern. Place them on a table or mantle and bring the spirit of fall inside.

Cranberry Flower Frog

Surprise your guests by ditching traditional pebbles or marbles and using cranberries as flower frogs instead. They with add a beautiful pop of crimson to your decor. Pair them with white flowers for a dramatic touch.