The fall season is associated with falling crimson leaves, rich browns and golds but there are beautiful fall bloomers that you should know about!

You may not realize it, but there are many plants that not only live but thrive during the fall season. Here are three winners:

Chelone (Turtlehead)

Nicknamed “Turtlehead” for the shape of its blossoms, the Chelone flower blooms in red, pink, or white and its only dislike is extremely dry climates.

Helianthus (Perennial Sunflower)

These brilliant, bright sunflowers will add drama and gorgeous color to your garden. This beautiful plant will also attract many butterflies and birds!

Sedum (Stonecrop)

Every garden should be home to Sedum plants. These plants thrive and look gorgeous all year round. They don’t need too much pampering and attract few problems. The only drawback with these beauties is that they are not deer resistant. We can live with that!

Turn heads and improve your curb/garden appeal with these beautiful fall plants! Your guests and neighbors are sure to be impressed!

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