Eric and I were so WOWED by all we saw at the San Francisco Garden Show – from the walk thru gardens on display to the creative ideas that open your eyes to the possibilities.  Here are our faves – and keep these basics in mind when looking at your outdoor space to create your OWN outdoor oasis

  1. Size up your space
  2. Visualize an indoor blueprint – only on top of your garden to create multiple “rooms”
  3. Use old things to create a warm and cozy vintage feel
  4. Paint materials to add a pop of color and whimsy in your garden
  5. Consider plants that don’t require as much water but also create privacy and a sense of exotic like ornamental grasses
  6. Don’t forget the other senses besides the visual –   the sense of sound, and the sense of smell
  7. Add water to your garden to not only make it more relaxing but possibly create a food source for your veggie garden and even your family.
  8. If all you have is a tiny side yard or balcony – think vertically with pockets to house plants on the wall that drain and add texture
  9. Don’t forget lighting
  10. Infuse your personality with furniture that invites

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Eric and Cindy SF Garden Show Favorites