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Can dogs really tell if a TV show is speaking just to them, from the perspective of a dog? Can certain topics and scenes make a dog suddenly feel less lonely when left alone while you are at work, less stressed and less apt to act out? The answer is yes according to the people behind Dog TV a new channel and network that caters purely to your pooch – 24-7. It means shows that feature real dogs doing dog like things – a trip to the vet, playing outside, odd noises, fun things.

Dog TV Founders, Beke Lubeah, Luis Saunders and Dog Trainer Jenn Cull talk about why the different types of DOGTV programming work –relaxation, stimulation and exposure – and how dogs typically react to each program type. And how appropriate visual and auditory stimulation for home alone dogs can deter negative behaviors and overall create a happier healthier pet.

And while the channel is currently in San Diego only it will be expanding in the fall of 2012 and is available online at

Part 1
[audio: June 30 2012 – HR2 – Seg1 – 10.mp3]
Part 2
[audio: June 30 2012 – HR2 – Seg2 – 10.mp3]