Not sure what to do with all those leftover fabric scraps? Why not cut them into strips and make a cute DIY woven bathmat!

If you can find extra scrap fabric, nails, string, and a firm wooden board, you can make yourself a brand new bathmat in this simple DIY project.

DIY Woven Bathmat


  • An 8″x10″ wooden rectangle – this can be as simple as a used wooden cutting board from Goodwill.
  • 16 1/4″ nails
  • ball of string
  • scrap fabric
  • Thread


  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Plastic comb (optional)
  • Sewing Machine


  1. Using the scissors, cut your scrap fabric into long strips measuring a foot long by 1/2″ wide – as many of these as possible!
  2. Hammer in the nails along each of the shorter sides of the rectangle at 1″ long intervals, 1″ in from the perimeter. This will create two parallel lines of nails resembling a border on each of the short sides.
  3. Tie one end of the string to the upper left most nail.
  4. Weaving from left to right, loop around all of the nails – top left to top right, then down to the second from the top on the right and across to the second from the top on the left, so on and so forth, making sure to keep the string taut. This will create a DIY loom, with parallel lines of string running left to right.
  5. Cut and tie the end of the string to the final nail so the loom frame is secure.
  6. Take your first strip of fabric. Weaving in an up and down motion – up over the first string, then down over the next string – weave the fabric strip from top left to bottom left through the strings of your loom. Once securely woven into the loom, pull the woven fabric strip as close to the left of the loomframe as possible. You can do this by hand, but you can also optionally use a wide, plastic comb, for extra leverage to make sure that the fabric strip is as far left and secure as possible.
  7. Take another strip of fabric and, starting at the top right of the first fabric strip, repeat, weaving, this time going over where you had gone under and under where you had gone over, from top to bottom of the loom. When this second fabric strip is woven, it will sit just to the right of your first fabric strip. Pull the second strip towards the first, tucking both of the strips to the left of the loomframe.
  8. Continue on, adding a new strip to the right of your old strip, until the frame is full, making sure to keep all the strips taut and to the left as much as possible as they are added.
  9. Once the frame is full, remove your now woven rectangle from the loom itself by pulling all the string off of the nails.
  10. Re-weave the loom with new string to reset the loom.
  11. Continue the process until you have enough woven rectangle pieces that you have enough material for a bathmat – four rectangles in my version, but feel free to make whatever size you fancy! – and stitch the edges together in your sewing machine to form one large rectangular bathmat.
  12. Dance around because you have a brand new awesome bathmat as WELL as a new loom for next time!

Congratulate yourself on a job well done – perhaps with a nice long soak. 🙂

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