Your design, your way.

When a solid color of paint just isn’t enough, wallpaper serves as a great way to add a little texture or color to a wall. Unfortunately, wallpaper can be expensive and difficult to remove, which can make it a problem for homeowners on a budget or looking to sell in the future.

But it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult! We’ve got some tips for designing or making your own cost-effective wall designs both permanent and ephemeral. When you design your walls yourself, possibilities are endless!

Get Graphic

Here’s a great DIY wallpaper idea for bibliophiles! Take illustrated pages from old and vintage books, and collage them together on the wall. Make sure you have enough to cover a wall–which makes this idea perfect for small spaces or accents–and brush the pages with wallpaper past to adhere. When you’ve covered it all, seal your new wallpaper with a clear finish.

Order a Custom Design

There are many services online for designing your own wallpaper. Take any existing image or pattern to tile or repeat along a wall! Custom printing is great when you have a very specific image in mind that you can’t find anywhere else.

With custom printing, you’ll want a high-resolution image. Have you ever set a too-small image as your computer’s wallpaper, only to find it stretched or pixilated? This could happen on your real-life wallpaper as well if you aren’t too careful! 

Spoonflower is among the many services that let you design a custom wallpaper. Their products are also easy to use: just stick the self-adhesive paper on the wall, and peel them off when you’re in need of a change!

Draw on the Walls!

There are so many options for patterning a wall when you’re okay with drawing on them. We’re taught as children to never do this–but now that the house is yours, you’re free to do whatever you want! With a ruler and Sharpie paint pens (not regular Sharpies) you can create some fun lattice-work or grid designs that will emulate those you could find on pricey wallpaper.

Don’t trust yourself with a marker? That’s fine! Try a wall stencil kit from places like Cutting Edge Stencils for a simple and cost-effective method of patterning sans wallpaper. Of course, you can use whatever color paint you’d like when working with stencils.

We’ve told you before about painting an entire wall with chalkboard paint. This is great for the noncommittal, allowing homeowners to experiment and draw or design whatever they’d like without having to worry about growing bored or making an error.