These wreaths look (and smell) simply stunning.

When it comes to freshening up your home, it’s always best to find alternatives to the very strong, sometimes headache-inducing scent sprays. We’ve told you about how you can naturally refresh your home by simmering potpourri, but this time we’re getting a little adventerous and crafty by combining aromatherapy with decorating! Make your home look and smell great with these DIY scented wreaths.

Dried Apple Mini Wreath

Let’s start things off small with a cute scented apple mini wreath. This little wreath of dried apples looks great around a candle or as an embellishment for a centerpiece–and smells oh-so inviting! Check out the tutorial here.

Dried Citrus Wreath

Let’s trade in the apples for something a little more tropical–deliciously tart citrus! Drying the citrus slices is actually a lot simpler than you’d think, making this scented wreath an easy, pretty and fun one to make! Find out how here.

The Scents of Autumn

Fall isn’t over yet, and you can continue to celebrate the season with a scented wreath chock-full of fall accents and embellishments. Adorned with pinecones, leaves, fruit and more, this colorful wreath carries the cozy scent of cinnamon. Have a look at directions to make your own here!

A Wreath of Rosemary

This wreath is as pretty as it is practical: the simple and unassuming decoration can be used for home cooking as well. As the rosemary dries, just snap off some to use in your favorite recipes! Find out how to make this functional piece of décor here.

A Wreath of Lavender

Lavender is a go-to herb when it comes to aromatherapy, which means we can’t pass up the chance to include it in this scented wreath round-up. Find out how to put together your own soothing wreath here.

Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones

Another wreath with a cinnamon fragrance, this wreath looks wonderfully natural with its clusters of pinecones. It’s elegant look works great in both fall and winter, making it a go-to wreath for the holidays. Check it out here.

A Scented Wreath for Christmas

Speaking of the holidays, we’ve got a stunning wreath to make use of in the days leading up to Christmas. It uses potpourri for the scent, and looks best with artificial snow for the finishing touch. Learn how to make one here.

A Refreshing Wreath

This wreath of sage has a subdued, simple beauty to it, and smells great! Sage is a wonderful healing herb, and has even been believed to keep evil spirits away. Refresh and revitalize your home with this cute and healing wreath–learn how to make one here!

Lush Eucalyptus

This wreath has a rather wild look while still looking sophisticated–“controlled chaos,” if you will. The fragrant eucalyptus will make your home smell fresh and inviting, so consider putting it in the entryway or on the front door! You can learn all the steps to make your own here.

The Scented Spice Wreath

This wreath is aromatic wreath is composed of nutmeg, pinecones, star anise and cloves, but you can substitute for any whole spices you prefer: ginger root, vanilla pods, chilies and more. This is a very homey and vintage-looking wreath, carrying a comforting spiced scent to fill your home. Make your own with these directions.