Easy crafts to keep the dinner table stylish

Napkin holders are an easily forgotten accessory for the dining room, and the way you dress up your napkins can make all the difference when preparing for a big meal with friends and family. But don’t spend money on expensive holders–make your own! 

Here’s some great, crafty ideas for napkin rings and holders that work for different styles and seasons. If you’re looking for a bulk amount of rings (for a big luncheon or party), gather up some friends to help for a fun afternoon activity!

Studded Yoga Mat

You can find yoga mats for pretty cheap–and those of us who took up yoga without sticking to it will need some use for the thing. How about making colorful studded yoga mat rings? Check out how to make your own here!

Popsicle Stick Rings

Popsicle sticks are great for many crafts, including napkin rings! All it takes is some popsicle sticks, yarn, a hole punch and some water. You can decorate your stick ring however you’d like, making this fun for kids and versatile for different colors and styles. Find a tutorial right here.

Go Seaside

Looking for something beachy for your home? Sand dollar and starfish napkin rings are an easy enough craft to bring an ocean splash to your next dinner party. Learn how to make your own here!

A Christmas Wreath

It’s never too early to get Christmas decorations in order, and a Christmas wreath complete with holly berries looks great around a napkin! Here’s how to make one:

  1. Glue red pom poms together into bunches on a miniature grapevine wreath
  2. Make a bow with ribbon and hot glue to your wreath.
  3. Fold a napkin into an accordion fold, then slide it through your wreath. That’s all!

Napkin Bling

We love the look of these bejeweled raffia rings. This craft i super simple, and you can glue whatever rhinestone or accent you’d like. Find out how with these easy steps!

Make a Bowtie

Okay, so this one isn’t a napkin holder or ring; it’s a fold. But it looks great, and bowties are pretty hip these days. Here’s how to make a bow tie with your napkins:

  1. Lie a napkin flat
  2. Take two opposite corners and fold into the center. This will leave you with a hexagonal shape.
  3. Fold the napkin in half horizontally.
  4. Now fold the top edge down so it meets the bottom.
  5. Take your right-hand corner and fold it in to the center. Do the same for the left.
  6. Take a ribbon and tie in the middle.

Something Sweet

Inviting some of your BFF’s for a luncheon? Having a dinner date at home with your sweetheart? These DIY conversation heart napkin rings are cute, easy and simple. We love the bright colors!

Gold Leaf

Not real gold leaf, but a gold painted leaf. This is a classy autumnal look that goes perfect with a harvest feast. Here’s how:

  1. Gather some leaves!
  2. Paint a couple gold coats on them.
  3. Let dry, than flatten in a book overnight.
  4. Glue each leaf to a clothespin.
  5. Fold your napkin however you’d like affixing the clothespin.