Fill your home with memories!

The iconic souvenir, we snatch up postcards everywhere we go–or receive treasured ones from friends and family. But postcards not thrown away are probably still tucked away to rarely see the light again–a travesty! We want to take paper ephemera to the forefront and celebrate post cards and their beautiful designs, so we’re brainstormed ways you can use them to decorate your home. If you’ve got a postcard collection hidden in a box somewhere, consider breaking them out for one of these great DIY projects.

Make blocks

You can turn postcards into unique, beautiful blocks for decorating. Take any wooden block from a craft store and paint it white. Cut your postcard to match in size, and then Modge Podge it onto the block. Create a whole collection!

Make a gallery wall

A collection of postcards can be a quick way to fill a gallery wall on a tight budget. Cull together cards of a similar location, theme or era and put them in frames!

Make a tray

You can make a beautiful decorative tray from your postcard collection–and it’s actually quite easy. Show off your unique style next time you entertain guests! Find out how to make one here!

Make placeholders

If you’re planning a dinner party, try this brilliant postcard-inspired placeholder idea. Write a guest’s name on a postcard, and wedge it into an orange. Place one such orange on a plate for each seat to direct guests towards their seat (and citrus hors d’oeuvre!)

String a garland

Hang a collection of postcards on twine to make a beautifully simple and vintage garland. This is another great way to hang the cards on a wall, or to decorate for a party.

Preserve in a jar

Fill a mason jar with vegetable oil, then put in a postcard to display. The oil adds a nice vintage tone, and the shape of the jar will magnify your postcard so the image fills the jar. 

Make a tree

Take a bundle of branches and place in a vase, fanning outward like a shrub or tree. Hang your postcards from the branches to make a Christmas tree-like decoration that’ll look great any time of year.

Dress up a bird cage

An old bird cage is an excellent holder of postcards–especially of a vintage variety. Use clips or clothespins to keep them affixed to the cage.

Make coasters

This is a go-to project for upcycling photos or anything image-based. Save and crop especially beautiful postcards to custom-make a coaster set! Get the tutorial with all the steps here!