Your sister, friend, coworker has a big announcement – they’re expecting! Here are seven creative ways to personalize a baby onesie just in time for the shower.

Making a baby shower gift by hand is a great way to say “I love you, I care, and I took the time to celebrate your new little boy or girl.” And every mother will need clothing for her newborn infant. However, inspiration can also dry up when you’re put on the spot and it actually comes to making the future little guy or girl a cute outfit. Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing so you can decorate your special newborn baby’s onesie right on time for the party.

1 – Beloved Characters

Does the mom-to-be have a favorite storybook character or nursery rhyme? Does she have a Disney Princess she favors? Maybe she loved Pooh or Thumbelina when she was a child herself. Why not draw inspiration from this? It’s easy to go look at the fabric store, find a pattern that has her favorite character, find a soft fabric, and then cut out the character and hand stitch it to the onesie. Voila! Homemade, crafty, and personal.

2 – Think Happy Thoughts

Future moms and dads are going to have a late night often – and sometimes it’s helpful to have a happy thought to make them smile! Why not look up a cute quote or idea and use a fabric paint pen to write it neatly on a onesie? It’s cute and sweet and shows you care.

3 – A Stitch In Time

Are you an expert at cross stitching? Maybe all you’re looking for is an image you can stitch onto the perfect baby onesie. There are tons of free online resources to find a pattern that’s pretty and cute. Maybe a geometric design or a flower outline or even just his or her name embroidered would look cute as a button. And while we’re on the subject –

4 – Buttons!

Why not use fabric paint to paint on the accessories of a grown up? You could paint buttons right down the center – paint him a belt! Paint him a tie! You could even paint a whole three piece suit if you wanted to – for formal nappies.

5 – Silly Rabbit

People use t-shirt slogans all the time to bring a smile to their face. A baby can have a cheeky joke about just being a baby – and that’s easy to iron on letters. How about “I Heart Naptime”?

6 – PS Who’s This From?

Are you the soon-to-be Best Aunt In The World? Future Proud Granpa? Why not add something as a signature, like, “Granma Loves Me” or “Mimi’s Favorite”?

7 – Hopes And Dreams

Why not put in a slogan about what you hope the little lady or man would grow up to be? “Future ________” is a great starter – try “linebacker,” “tennis star,” “artist,” “alumni,” or “astronaut.”

8 – Color Me Wonderful

Tye dying a baby’s onesie can be fun to do and very simple. All you need is a 3-gallon enamel bucket or stainless steel container, a cup of salt, rubber bands, your tye dye color, rubber gloves to protect your hands, a stick, and some water – and voila! Tye dye party!

Here’s how to do it. First, use rubber bands to twist and then wrap the onesie so it is in a tight bundle and pre-soak it in hot water. This gets it ready to roll. Next, mix the fabric dye according to the specific package instructions in the bucket or container. Careful! Don’t use a plastic bucket or it will get stained. Now, add the salt to the mixture. Then drop in your rubber-banded onesie and soak your bundled onesie for 10-30 minutes, depending on how deep you want the dye job to be. Wearing the gloves so your skin is protected, use the stick to pull out the onesie. Then rinse it out until the water runs clear. Line dry – and before you give it to the mommy to be, make sure to wash it alone in warm water and rinse it in cool water so it won’t stain her clothes. Then line dry it again. Great job! A tye-dye safe gift for mommy, daddy, and one very sweet, stylish baby.

We hope you enjoy these tips and tricks! Let us know if you have fun making these. We’re on Pinterest and Facebook so you can catch more DIY and Crafts’ Projects. Happy crafting!