Backing up files is critical for your work and for your precious personal items.

Computer professionals have their preferences, some saying that external hard drives work, but others pointing out that these can crash as easily as your computer’s drive. Plus, it’s harder to back up all of the photos on your tablets and mobile devices.

Gartner has estimated that by 2016, the average household will need more than 3 terabytes of storage. The cloud is one of the best solutions, and there are plenty of choices. They’re not all perfect or free, but it’s worth some time or advice from an IT professional to learn more about how to manually or automatically upload all of your data.

When cleaning your home or home office, you’ll likely find stacks of old photos from your business or family photos that are showing the passage of time. You can preserve family photos and old home movies and make sure everybody has a copy by converting them to digital format.

Check local and online services for costs and turnaround times and digitize those old family reunions.