Revamp Your Deck!

If you have a wooden deck that has seen better days, you can inexpensively and within 2 days give it a new look! So what do we need?

First, Some cleaning and stripping solution and a few tools. A scrub brush, bucket, safety glasses and don’t forget sunscreen!

See if any wood is rotten. NO cleaning can bring damaged wood back that needs replacing. Then, scrape off the old finish on the railing and decking. If you have an OLD finish that is really worn out, and looks uneven consider a solid color stain to make the wood look consistent and even. And if this is a two day job, remember that strippers, cleaners and stains DON’T LIKE hot dry days! Instead it should be cool and overcast.

wooden deck home wizards
A power washer is too harsh and can destroy the wood, so stick to a deck cleaner, then rinse off. Stain the railing first for the drip factor, then the deck, and be sure to get inside and in between the deckboards.

You’ll need to do this every couple of years!