Say goodbye to the struggle.

Would you believe that you’re probably cutting certain fruits incorrectly? If you find yourself making a mess of a pomegranate or squirting juice while peeling an orange, chances are you haven’t learned the proper way of cutting and preparing fruit! We’ve got the low down so you can make a healthy snack without the mess or struggle.

1. Oranges

There’s a simpler way to get an orange ready for eating besides peeling off the rind, which can be incredibly difficult and messy. Instead, take a knife and cut just into the rind, cutting the oranges’ circumference. Hold one half of the orange, and simply peel off the rind on the other half. Peel off the second half, and you’ve got a rind-less orange!

2.  Pomegranates

Getting the fruit out of a pomegranate is easy, too! First, cut it in half. Place your half so the cut side faces you, then stretch the fruit segments out from the center. Flip the half over, and hit it hard with a wooden spoon while held over a bowl. Eventually, everything will fall out.

3. Watermelon

Stop cutting a watermelon into wedges or slices and try this easy method! Cut your watermelon in half. Take a half and put the cut side facing down, cutting 6 parallel, vertical lines into the rind. Now flip the half over so the cut side faces you. Cut in a circle just between the fruit and the rind, and then cut a cross hatch into the fruit. Flip the watermelon half over, holding it over a bowl, and shake the contents out!

4. Mango

For a mess-free way to prepare a mango simply cut off the sides. Hold one side where the skin is, then slide it down the side of a glass so the rim carves the flesh from the skin. Do this with the other side, and your mango’s ready to eat – so easy!

5. Strawberries

Cutting the top off a strawberry is a big waste of fruit! To get the leaves off without wasting anything, take a straw and push it through the bottom of the berry, so that it pokes out from the other side–popping the leaves cleanly off!

6. Kiwis

Want to get rid of a kiwi’s skin? Just cut off two opposite ends, and scoop the inside out with a spoon.