Fun chalkboard paint ideas for the home.

Chalkboard paint lets you turn any surface into a chalkboard, which makes it a product rich in inspiration and possibility. Everyone loves to doodle a little, and chalkboard paint creates guilt-free places to let the imagination run wild. We’ve got a few ideas on how you can use chalkboard paint both effectively and for fun around the house.

1. Label the drinkware!

Keep your kitchen organized by slapping some chalkboard paint on mugs, bottles, jars or even bowls. You can easily label (and re-label) containers, but a chalkboard mug can also be made fun with daily quotes or morning affirmations when enjoying a drink. Labeling glasses can also be useful for making sure no one takes a sip of someone else’s drink when entertaining guests.

2. Cover a table or desk.

There are many possibilities for a fully or partially-painted-over table or desk. You might want to paint rectangles at the dining room table that serve as creative place mats. A desk topped off with chalkboard paint can be used for jotting down memos and appointments quickly and freely.

3. Cover a book or album.

Spice up that old composition book cover with some chalkboard paint, and make a chalk design or label to add some creative flair. Because it’s erasable, you can try out different designs or even label a mood or quote of the day on the outside of your journal.

4. DIY blocks.

Alphabet blocks are so three-generations ago. Give your kids more creative options by painting some wooden blocks over with chalkboard paint. They can draw or write whatever designs, words or letters they like to construct fun shapes, buildings or messages. Of course, these can make for a fun decoration for the older set as well. Kids can erase and re-draw every time they play, keeping this simple toy fresh.

5. Spray a paper bag.

Stay green while carrying your grocery list with you! Once your bag is painted, you can write what you intend to buy and take the bag with you to carry groceries home. Not up for a public grocery list? Try drawing a cute design on a bag and using it to hold a gift for a friend.

6. Do some imaginary renovations.

Dare to be adventurous and cover a whole wall with chalkboard paint. Drawing imaginary architecture, such as faux windows, doors, picture frames and more, make for quirky wall decorations that are sure to impress!

7. Make a calendar.

There are many ways you can make a calendar with chalkboard paint. Some simple ideas include painting a grid on the wall (or any surface), of upcycling an old window frame, painting over the panes.

8. Make a unique clock.

Paint the face of an old clock and substitute the hour numbers with your own designs! Write a day’s appointments or obligations right on the clock itself, which can be changed each day (or throughout the day). A cocktail for 5pm, a bed for midnight–the possibilities are endless, and add for a little dash of fun when scheduling the day.

9. Organize the cabinets.

Drawers and cabinets can all be painted over to show their contents–and a chalkboard-painted dresser puts the fun in functional for a child’s bedroom.

10. Make some coasters.

Take a slice of a tree trunk and paint over the top for a natural, fun place to set down drinks. Of course, you can add your own temporary designs, or simply enjoy the slate-like finish.