Bright ideas for your Christmas lights!

Tis the season of LED Christmas lights! Christmas lights are unique thanks to their incredible versatility; strung along poseable wires, these lights can be used in so many ways that look great, whether you’re decorating for Christmas or not. Here’s some inspiration on how you can use Christmas lights, for your holiday display or just because. Check it out!

1. Screen Door Chandelier

Here’s a beautiful rustic project to do with your Christmas lights: a screen door chandelier! This would look amazing in a sun room. Just hang an old rustic screen door from the ceiling, with a tangle of old twigs, branches and Christmas lights spread atop. Beautiful–and upcycled!

2. Santa House

The simple icicle lights look is getting old and boring. If you want some big wow factor, make the facade of your home look like a huge Santa face! Have two wreaths in windows for eyes, a Christmas tree-shaped string of lights for a nose and low-hanging lights in the shape of a mustache or beard. Red lights go on the roof for the hat–and don’t forget a big snowflake light for the pom-pom!

3. Wreath Snowman

We all dream of a white Christmas, but some homes are sadly without snow around the holiday. If you’d like a snowman, just hang up three wreaths of various sizes, stacked in a snowman shape. Give it a Santa hat and a scarf to complete the look. Wrap Christmas lights around the wreaths to light up your snowman at night!

4. Christmas Village Terrariums

The Christmas village display is a staple of indoor Christmas decorating. But instead of just spreading them on a table, why not make simple, snowglobe-like terrariums to house the happy homes, lit from below with Christmas lights? Check out how to make your own here.

5. Wrap a Tree

Wrap up any tree in your yard in lights–but not like a Christmas tree. Take any non-evergreen and wrap lights so the trunk and branches are completely covered in lights, a brightly-lit tree skeleton clinging to the sky. A yard of these is incredibly breathtaking!

6. Lighted Christmas Ball

You can easily make balls of Christmas lights to populate the yard with–but don’t go crazy on clashing colors! These festive lawn ornaments give off a gauzy glow in the night and look straight out of the North Pole. Find out how to make them here.

7. Christmas Tree Shelf

Don’t have enough room in your home for a big Christmas tree? You can hang shelves of varying lengths–shorter at the top, progressively longer towards the bottom–into the shape of a Christmas tree. String lights into a triangular border around the shelves, then put some lights on the shelves with pine cones, pine needles and other festive treasures

8. Bright Baubles

Fill a vase with a string of Christmas lights and some old Christmas baubles for a devastatingly simple indoor decoration. The more glitter, shimmer and shine on your baubles, the better! Who says the tree has to get all the fun?

9. Lighted Centerpiece

All it takes to make a beautiful centerpiece is a candle on a pate of pinecones, surrounded by a wreath. String Christmas lights around the wreath for an added moody glow, which will look great at your Christmas dinner!


[Image Source: Lighted Christmas Balls]