If you or someone you know loves to read or collect books…

Bookends are both a practical and attractive way to spice up any collection. Of course, like most things, you could purchase a set of bookends at any number of retail outlets. However, why not create your own bookends to add that personal touch? There are so many fun and creative ways to fashion bookends using everyday objects. Here are just a few that we love and hope you will try.

Mason Jar Bookends

For vintage lovers, mason jars make awesome book ends. Simply draw a design on some painters tape (stars, hearts etc.) and place these on the mason jars in various places. Paint the entire jar using a glass safe paint (silver and gold look really cool). Once the paint is dry, remove the tape. Place a battery-operated tea light inside, the light will shine through the places that were covered in painters tape. These bookends also double as night lights. If you need more weight in the bottom of your jar consider adding some sand.

Brick Bookends

You can achieve a strong and rustic feel when you use bricks for bookends. Dress up your bricks by turning them into faux books. Use acrylic paint to paint one uniform color on the side of the book and do lines along the top to look like pages. Use your favorite books for inspiration and copy the spine on the brick complete with publishers insignia.

Vintage Phone Bookends

Who doesn’t appreciate a vintage phone these days? It is easy to find old phone pieces at thrift or antique shops, you may even have one in your house stashed in a box somewhere. Drill a hole using a small drill bit 1 inch down from the top of the piece o metal. Use a larger drill bit to countersink the hole. Spray the pieces of metal with your favorite color and when dry, attach a piece of felt to the bottom using hot glue – this way the metal will not scratch anything. Place the phone on the metal piece in whatever angle you want and drill a screw through the bottom of the metal piece into the phone.

Other Neat Bookend Ideas

• Large and interestingly shaped rocks spray painted and epoxied together to form a group
• Chunk of clay glued to a wooden block and splattered with paint (great for those who love abstract things)
• Blocks of painted wood with a fun ornament or piece of memorabilia on top
• Honey bear jars with honey still inside ( just spray paint them gold for a vintage feel)

  • • Fabric squares filled with beans to create heavy sacks

Have fun and remember, the sky is the limit. Look around the house and the garage today for things that you can repurpose and turn into fun, chic and interesting bookends that also make great conversation pieces.