Here is a list of the biggest issues to avoid when you’re remodeling your kitchen

We all make mistakes. However, some can be costly. Don’t let these common mistakes cost you valuable time and money as you remodel your kitchen.

Ignoring Your Lifestyle

It’s important to consider your family’s lifestyle before you begin remodeling your kitchen. Will you spend a lot of time there? Does functionality matter more that aesthetics? What kind of feel and color scheme would match the rest of the house? These are all important questions to ask yourself before getting started. Realizing halfway through the process that you are building a kitchen that won’t fit your family is tough and preventable through planning.

Valuing Trend Over Function

It takes 12-15 years to renovate a kitchen from concept to completion so beware of passing trends. Thinking too specifically and too spontaneously may lead to trouble as your family grows/ages and if you’re selling your home down the road. Something may work for your family now but will it work for homebuyers 10 years from now? Keep these things in mind when deciding what your kitchen should look like.

Thinking You Can DIY

It’s a mistake to think that remodeling you kitchen yourself is guaranteed to save you lots of cash. Unless you’re a contractor, designer or architect yourself, there is a ton of information that you don’t know. Hiring professionals to get the job done will guarantee that your kitchen will be remodeled intelligently and efficiently. Plus a savvy designer will help you make the right design decisions for your budget while keeping value high.

Taking a Major Step Back

Although you should be hiring professionals, be present for major decisions and make sure that the kitchen being built is the one you want. It’s easy to step back and let someone else take charge, but you may end up with something that you and and family aren’t happy with. You will have put in too much money, time and inconvenience to let this happen to you! Educate yourself so that you will have authentic opinions and will be able to communicate with your professionals intelligently. Trust us, you’ll pat yourself on the back later!

Happy renovating!

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