A monochromatic palette that will wake you up!

This week is all about orange! We’ve gone for a bright, monochromatic look this time, striving to achieve a somewhat vintage-inspired style. You’ll find a lot of wood and brass in this look, which we think will go best with light orange or coral walls.



We’ve opted for brassy appliances to give your shower a warm and traditional feel. First, check out this brass wall light that swings for much-needed detail lighting when getting ready for a night out. Its finish compliments the brass shower mount we’ve picked out that’s truly classy.


For the Vanity

And what good is detail lighting in a bathroom without a place to apply makeup and manicure oneself? This small, traditional bathroom vanity has a nice wood finish and is perfect for small bathrooms. We love the cabinet space and amount of drawers for storing linens and the like. For the countertop, look no further than these orange bath accessories that are cute and affordable. To further achieve an antique look, we’ve included a set of vintage shaving brushes to keep on extra shelving space.


Storage Space

So where will those shaving brushes go? A rounded-edge floating shelf or two isn’t too big for the bathroom, and its lack of exterior support looks sleek, Meanwhile, for a bright contrast we’ve got a white medicine cabinet complete with some basket storage, so you can keep a spa kit, accessories and other supplies easily on-hand.


Fine Design

This look is as much about style as it is color, and we’ve got some eye candy to share. This Wesco waste can comes in a subdued almond color that we love in a contemporary look. The DENY Designs Moroccan shower curtain brings the shower to life with vibrant, eye-popping orange that’s sure to wake you up in the morning. Finally, this vintage Venezia travel poster adds a little character and charm while sticking with the overall color story.