A tasteful, floral-inspired bedroom.

This palette is a mix of pale green and pastel pink. The sweet and savory design has a few vintage pieces rendered in uplifting and bright tones. We recommend pale green walls for this look, and pairing the pieces with a white dresser set. 

Color Palette - Sugar and Spice - Home Wizards

Soft & Cuddly

We’ll start with this olive green sheet set, looking luscious, comfy and classy. To establish our color mix, we recommend a mix of pink throw pillows, like this pink ribbon accent pillow. You can use varying shades and tones of pink, and mix and match patterns. Finally, this light pink gliding chair looks cute and bright, and injects some solid pink in our color palette.

Color Palette - Sugar and Spice - Home Wizards

Floral Love

You can’t feature green and pink without some sort of plant, and our choice for this look is an arrangement of pussy willow and apple blossomFor the floor, we’ve got our eyes set on this beige floral area rug–it’s fairly neutral and unobtrusive, but features a beautiful design nonetheless.

Color Palette - Sugar and Spice - Home Wizards

The Nightstand

We’re impressed with this antique-style white nightstand. It has a beautifully vintage look and is charming all on its own. Put this light green table lamp on top for some late-night reading, and match the color with a vintage Moon Beam alarm clock

Color Palette - Sugar and Spice - Home Wizards

Add Some Whimsy

These country-style pink floral curtains will still let in a lot of light, and we’re really into its whimsical floral design. And speaking of light, go exotic with some spherical paper lanterns. Like with the throw pillows, we recommend a mix of white and different shades of pink–and different sizes!–like these white lanterns with pink polka dots. These add a little fun flair to our bright, cute look.