This look is a sweet dream!

This color palette is a little Neapolitan ice cream, a little strawberry shortcake. It features creamy, delicious colors you might expect from a dessert, so get ready to drape your bedroom with strawberry ganache in this sweet makeover! Check out our picks below for setting the tart and sweet bedroom scene.

Color palette- Strawberry Shortcake - Home Wizards

Rattan Love

This look loves rattan! It’s a great, soft texture, and you’ll love to kick your feet up to this oval rattan ottoman. We also dig this rattan square end table for your reading area (or maybe a nightstand if you’re feeling bold). Its funky twirly shape is a great eye-catcher, and we love it!

Color Palette - Strawberry Shortcake - Home Wizards


Here’s a big piece for the room: a beautiful tufted headboard in taupe. This classic accent will make your bead look great, and will make you feel great if you’re up late reading or working from your bed. Next, we can’t get enough of the color on this coral pink armchair. If you love the color as much as we do, compliment it with a coral throw pillow for the bed.

Color Palette - Strawberry Shortcake - Home Wizards

Touch of Whimsy 

You can’t have a palette called “strawberry shortcake” without a little touch of fun whimsy! We’ve told you about cardboard trophy mounts before, and this is a time where you need to listen! This cardboard unicorn trophy mount is fun, unique and sure to put a smile on your face–without harming any mythical creature. To heighten the cute factor, we’re including orange flaming Katy flowers,

Color Palette - Strawberry Shortcake - Home Wizards

Set the Scene

Round up the look with a few choice pieces. First, this coral square tray has eye-popping color and a fun, stackable design. Throw it on the desk, dresser or side table. This coral table lamp is brilliant; its shape and color are fresh and demand attention. Meanwhile, we’re all over the textured look that this neutral, muti-beige curtain panel brings to the table.