A no-frills design that’s comfortable & elegant.

This week’s focus is simplicity. There are no fancy textures or textiles, no overarching theme–just a few colors and simple, subdued accessories. This look has a casual feel that’s still classic thanks to some antique-inspired finds; we think young women will love the design, which goes best with a light shade of blue or green on the walls.

Color Palette - Simple and Clean - Home Wizards

Chic and Simple

We’ll start with the anchor piece: a beautiful light green reversible bedspread. We love this laid-back color and unpretentious, simple design. Pair this with clean, yellow wool curtains that still let in a touch of sunlight when covering the window. With boldly solid color, these pieces give a lot of room for accessorizing and customizing your room!

Color Palette - Simple and Clean - Home Wizards

Classic Lighting Motifs

This brass, antique-styled lamp looks straight out of a seafaring film, and looks great on a nightstand or desk. We love the brassy finish, but that’s not when it comes to sheen; check out this beautiful copper chandelier that’s classy but cute, and deserves a spot in your room.

Color Palette - Simple and Clean - Home Wizards

Distressed and Antique

This distressed four-panel screen has a more westernized look, similar to window shutters. The faux-old look is divine! But the real star is this distressed white-painted dresser, giving a bit of a homey, upcycled feel to the room.

Color Palette - Simple and Clean - Home Wizards

Touch of Nature

We love wall decals, since they so easily transform an empty wall. To match the simple home look, go with a single white dandelion decal to spread across the wall. For real nature, look no further than a potted olive tree that stands elegantly and unobtrusively.

Color Palette - Simple and Clean - Home Wizards

Robin’s Egg Everywhere

Finally, add in some robin’s egg blue! This classic blue pillowed bench can rest at the foot of your bed or along a wall. Can’t get enough blue? Put this baby blue side table right next to the bed to complete the look!