An outrageous look that’s bursting with color and fun.

We’re at our boldest and going flashy with this color palette for an ultra-bright, kitschy living room. Packed with loud yellow, cool blues and a seductively sweet pink, we’re embracing kitsch and modern flair to brighten up with the winter doldrums. Check out the possibilities below!

Color Palette - Ostentatious Kitsch - Home Wizards


We’ll start with one of the simplest pieces in this collection, a bright blue sofa. The shape of this is boxy, simple, and unobtrusive–but its color is outrageous and bold. We love that play in contrast, making it an excellent fit with this wacky look. We’re pairing it with this set of two Eames-style pink chairs. The baby pink look keeps things fun, along with the chairs’ ergonomic and modern shape.

Color Palette - Ostentatious Kitsch - Home Wizards

Kitsch Aplenty

Speaking of pink, how do you like this Miss Kitty cat clock? We love the retro-kitsch look as well as the fun choice in color. For a unique piece of kitsch, this ombre-painted cherub looks mystifying in its bluish-yellow color. Because we’re never without a little greenery, we’re throwing in some airplants–hung in these colorful squid-shaped hangers!

Color Palette - Ostentatious Kitsch - Home Wizards

Abstract & Traditional

A little funk doesn’t have to go without tradition, and we’re in love with the colors at play on this ikat pillow cover. Of course, the pattern is amazing as well–but not to be overshadowed by this oceanic canvas painting.

Color Palette - Ostentatious Kitsch - Home Wizards

Light Bright

Here’s another super-simple piece: a bright yellow accent table. If placed next to our sofa pick, the throw pillow shown above would unify the chemistry between them flawlessly. Add another bright touch of yellow with this circular striped area rug that’s easy on the eyes, but loud! Finally, this peacock blue table lamp has both a color and shape to celebrate, perfectly at home with our modern kitschy room.