Classic sophistication is the order on this week’s palette.

This week’s style is a sophisticated masculine look, with a red and blue palette that’s smart and cultured. We’ve got a mix of conservative antique styles and whimsical motifs to strike a balance!


This palette looks best against blue walls and hardwood flooring. Our look’s centerpiece is this great (reversible!) blue bedding ensemble that will anchor the palette.


For the Night Table or Dresser

Get rid of empty space with some attractive tschotskes. This set of two Amy Gould silver lamps will look great on the nightstand or table, and the red elliptical mobile can hopefully reduce some stress while keeping the work desk stylish. Finally, an arrangement of red spider orchids adds an eye-popping red flavor while brightening up the space!


A Touch of Whimsy

A few artifacts can add a fun and cultured feel to your bedroom. We’ve selected a Jasper Jones cabinet that emulates a classic London telephone booth for storing books or CDs. If you enjoy chess, this metallic fantasy chess set will look great set-up on a side table.


Sophisticated Style

Cozy up in this royal blue armchair for doing some reading or a drink. Across the room you can install this striking and large Howard Miller gallery wall clock in silver.


Optimal Storage

These antique wooden chests look so good that they make excellent props even if you don’t need extra space to hide small nothings. We love the beautiful cherry finish on these dresser drawers, mixing style and functionality.