A bright bedtime oasis.

For this color palette, our imaginations turn to the desert with a bright palette inspired by tradition and the exotic. This collection mixes traditional motifs with bright, eye-catching and simple designs–and because this bedroom shall be our little oasis, we’ve included some greenery as well. Settle out the winter with this hot look!

Color Palette - Bright Oasis - Home Wizards


To begin our little oasis, we’re showing off this amazingly crafted cherry headboard and bed set. It has a traditional sort of look, appearing regal and comfortable at the same time. Throw on top of your bed this aqua blue throw blanket, which adds eye-popping color and a soft feel. Finally, this orange blooming flower throw pillow will help you dream of nature’s beauty while setting in for a long night’s rest–no matter the season!

Color Palette - Bright Oasis - Home Wizards

Tradition is Key

This traditional red rug is absolutely stunning and mesmerizing: its intricate floral pattern grabs attention and refuses to give it up! But nothing beats this wooden Turkish cabinet, exuding brilliant craftsmanship and design. We want it as a nightstand in our oasis of a room!

Color Palette - Bright Oasis - Home Wizards

Natural Accents

To fit in with the feel of an oasis in the desert, we’ve included a potted dune plant. It’s got a rather simple look, which we think attractively contrasts the more traditional and complex designs found here. Carrying the torch is this small potted wheat grass, also simple and unobtrusive, but bright in color and flair.

Color Palette - Bright Oasis - Home Wizards

Odds and Ends

We love the fun feel of this orange oval lamp–and the color itself is rich and bold! Next in the lineup is this sun-shaped mirror, reminding us of the intense desert heat in an attractively simple look. Finally, for the wall, we’ve picked out this painting, Yellow Cello by Marsha Hammel, to wrangle the palette together on the wall.