An exotic bedroom based on tableware motifs!

This color palette is inspired by Oriental china. You know the look: intricate blue patterns on white plate ware, or beautiful blue scenes upon a white vase. We’ve picked out a number of pieces for a bedroom that incorporate white and blue patterns or textures–and even included an Oriental vase as well! If you’re feeling a tad baroque and classical, find out how to transform your bedroom with our colorful furnishings below.

Color Palette - Baroque Blues - Home Wizards


Let’s begin by taking a look at this simple white dresser. It’s boxy and sophisticated: the perfect and unassuming piece anchoring a young woman’s bedroom.  We’ve paired it off with the similarly boxy, antique-styled white jewelry armoire that puts all the daily essentials within good reach. Getting ready is a dream!

Color Palette - Baroque Blues - Home Wizards


Beginning with the small things, we love this royal blue bench at the foot of the bed, which adds a nice and dark, deep tone to the room. In contrast is this blue and white chair, a little brighter with a fun pattern reminiscent of Oriental plate ware. The real star of the room, though, is this blue bedding collection by Ralph Lauren, which anchors and unifies the whole room.

Color Palette - Baroque Blues - Home Wizards


You can’t be baroque without taper candles! So we’ve included a whole case of orange taper candles in an attractive pumpkin color that serves as a great contrast to the blues. To add a little more sophistication, let this white wrought iron crystal chandelier shimmer down on you. But for a natural twist, we love the soft glow from this salt rock lamp, which adds another peachy orange into the mix.

Color Palette - Baroque Blues - Home Wizards

The Ornate Effects

And here is the inspiration for the entire look: an ornate Oriental vase jar. Its classic look is beautiful–and for a full effect, you can pair it with other Oriental vases with different designs. Speaking of classic, check out this pewter tray–perfect for serving up tea or to place various effects. And continuing the Oriental design inspiration, check out this blue decorative mirror!