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Kitchen Reveal!

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I have lived in this house for more than 10 plus years and from the start always dreamed of changing the kitchen. It was one of those things where we thought it would happen in a few years. You know, save up and it will happen. But time and other things showed up. Flashback to about 5 years ago, when I visited the Pasadena Showcase House and saw this gorgeous room painted in a terracotta orange. I thought, that’s it, that’s the temporary solution to our bland, white, on cream with black linoleum floors. We’ll paint the cabinets that orange. And always a fan of Mexican and Italian tile and pottery, loving that deep blue cobalt with pops of yellow, orange and other colors, I thought it would look create to incorporate that as a fix on what was this dark brown and black laminate countertop “bar” that connected the kitchen with the family room.

My friends, who were either being really nice and didn’t want to hurt my feelings, or shared my love for bright and bold colors, said the kitchen made them feel happy too.

Another fix, we covered over the flooring with commercial grade laminate in a blonde color. I highly recommend that as a quick fix, and love the cushioned padding that goes underneath. Really gives a bounce to your step and is comfortable for those longer moments of… [Read More]