You’re getting settled into the apartment of your dreams – you are unpacking, getting ready for a beautiful first day… And there you have it, the blender got broken in transit. You decide, why not take the opportunity to upgrade? Well, choosing a new blender can be a bit more complicated than it appears. Here are five things to consider when choosing a new blender.

1. Make It Match

Do you have other appliances that you want this blender to match? Unity among appliances can help create a calming effect, which is why when people get married they typically register for the same color appliances throughout or the same appliance finish (such as gunmetal or black). The kitchen’s bound to get messy enough – why not give it a clean, polished feel when it’s at its best?

2. Is Faster Worth It?

If you’re always running out the door, and therefore your morning smoothie or whatever you’re habitually blending needs to be prepared quickly, then perhaps the pricier option of a ninja which boasts high speeds is worth the ticket price as an investment in time saving. If you don’t see a need for that, and you aren’t doing very complex or a lot of ice-heavy blends, perhaps you in particular won’t need expensive features.

3. Single Serve Vs. Party People

A lot of people adore their bullet blender for good reason – the variety allows for a to go cup & boasts an easy clean job after the blend. However, if you tend to like creating bigger jobs, such as a pitcher of mojitos for your girls night in, these small-job friendly single-serve cups aren’t going to quite fit the bill at this time.

4. Toys For Bots

Let’s say you already HAVE a perfectly good blender, but you want a toy for special use cases – such as mixing in your favorite ice cream to make a shake. There are hand held blender varietals that you could keep easily in a drawer for the sole purpose of supplementing your blender army.

5. Glass Or Plastic?

Typically, higher end blenders will have glass pitchers as opposed to plastic pitchers – and that’s a great option for most people. However, if you’re accident prone, perhaps you should stick to the more durable-if-dropped plastic varietals.


There you have it! Five choices to ensure your new little blender buddy matches your lifestyle perfectly. Happy blending and enjoy!

Cindy & Eric