Chevron patterns add color and energy to your home decor.

Whether you call it a chevron or a zig-zag, the design is hot is home décor. The bold, geometric pattern is adorning fabrics and walls, accents and clothing. The chevron design is not new. Some accounts say that the pattern was found in pottery designs dating back to about 1800 BC. Just ask any military sergeant, who recognizes a similar shape, although stacked instead of “rolled.” It’s been updated to match today’s colors and style preferences and you can use it to liven up nearly any room in your house. Here are 10 ideas:

1. Go bold with a chevron wall. Look online or on Pinterest for tutorials. You’ll need a ruler, plenty of painter’s tape and a little patience.  Ideas include marking boxes on the wall using a laser level and chalk so you can line up the tops and bottoms of your zigzag lines. The key is to choose the colors for your background and stripes that bets match your décor and the look you want to invoke.

2. Take a baby step with just one or two chevron stripes along one wall.

3. Paint a chevron backsplash in your kitchen. Add some interest and movement to an otherwise static or white kitchen area. Or make a chevron pattern with tiles. If you want the pattern but aren’t the bold type, go for white or alternating white and light gray subway tiles in a chevron pattern.

4. Add a chevron shower curtain to your bath. Gray zigzags mixed with coral, yellow or turquoise blue can add new life to a dull bathroom.

5. Lay hardwood flooring or tiles in a chevron pattern. The effect can make a small room look larger or add a dramatic movement effect to a hallway or awkward traffic area. The zigzag effect should not overpower, so use lighter, monochromatic flooring materials.

6. Throw down a zigzag rug. Save money by keeping your current flooring, but adding a chevron rug with the pattern and color to inject the same energy.

7. Combine shabby chic with chevron. Whitewash the top of an accent piece, like a repurposed side table. Then add a few chevron stripes in a muted or pastel color to match your sofa or another important color in the room.

8. Not sure about chevron? Try just one chevron pillow mixed in a group with a solid pillow and a soft floral pattern in a complementary color. Or add a chevron patterned chair to your guest room.

9. Add a light accent with zigzags painted on a plain clay pot (or paint the pot a base color first, then add your chevron stripes on top of the base). A chevron frame placed carefully in a room’s décor can serve as a focal point.

10. Add chevron fabric. If painting is too permanent, but you want to ride the chevron wave, make or purchase a few accents. Adding a blanket throw or a few throw pillows in different zigzag colors will look great on any sofa or overstuffed chair. Chevron window drapes or a valance dress up an otherwise dull wall.