Throw it on just before trick-or-treating!

The clock is ticking down to the scariest night of the year! But sometimes life or indecisiveness gets in the way, keeping you from picking and making the perfect costume for the big event. If you’re racking your brain for something to wear, we’ve got a few ideas. These costumes are all easy to put together, with common materials–and are very cheap! 

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Spray paint a roasting pan green and you’ve got the bulk of a child’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume covered. All you’ll need now is a mask (just a simple piece of cloth with eye holes cut out) and some green clothing!

2. Stick Figure

If you’ve got an all-white outfit, make a stick figure on it with black electrical tape. Make a plain smiley-face mask with a paper plate–you’re going as a stick figure for Halloween!

3. Simple Snail

Oh Happy Day has a whole Homemade Halloween Series! We love this one for the kids: Roll up some brown craft paper into a simple snail shell for your child to wear on their back! It’s easy, but looks so cute! Find out how here.

4. Terrifying Bat

Lenore at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories kills it with this bat creation. A black hoodie and a cheap umbrella = an absurdly easy, perfectly inventive bat costume. Just cut up the umbrella and you’ve got the wings! Make your own with these instructions.

5. Chain Reaction

Got a group in need of an idea? Tell everyone to wear all black, with big, white dots glued to them following the design of dominoes.

6. Identity Theft

Here’s something that’s incredibly easy and funny! Take any old outfit, and stick a ton of “Hello, my name is…” stickers on them, each with a different name. Call the police, because we’ve got an identity thief!

7. The Crazy Cat Lady

A bathrobe and a handful of cheap plush cats is an easy way to become a crazy cat lady. Sew some little cat plushes on to have a true swarm to follow you around, and carry some others. This may be best for a kid’s outfit, as you’ll have a smaller bathrobe to cover.

8. Strawberry

Studio DIY knows how to throw a costume together! Some cardstock, paper, a red dress and a couple extra supplies are all you’ll need to pull off a cute strawberry (complete with stem)! Check out how to transform yourself into a fruit here.

9. Ancient Mummy

Take a boatload of gauze and wrap it around yourself for an instant mummy–but be careful if you need to go to the bathroom!

10. The Big Lebowski

All it takes to put together a fast Big Lebowski costume is a bathrobe, undershirt and some PJ’s. Throw on some shades and flip-flops and you’re ready for the party!

11. Rosie the Riveter

Denim shirt and a red bandanna will channel your inner Rosie the Riveter. Wear some high-waisted jeans and tennis shoes to complete the iconic look.

12. Make-a-Sim

Do you know the plumbob from The Sims? It’s that green diamond-shaped thing that floats over whichever character you’re controlling. Make your own plumbob out of foam or cardboard, then stick it on a headband for an easy Sim costume.

13. Static Cling

Static electricity can be pretty terrifying–you never know when it’ll strike, and it can be painful! Emulate the scare by pinning some old socks and dryer sheets to a neutral, monochrome outfit. Tell people to watch out, because you’re static cling!



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