Ring of Fire – Outdoor Firepits

Backyard firepits are hot. They can toast marshmallows and melt the soles of your shoes. But mostly, they create a relaxing atmosphere where family and friends enjoy the warmth…
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Patio Lighting Techniques

Use outdoor lighting in layers to create mood, drama and effect in your landscape.
It’s time to hang out with friends and family outside, and we have some great ideas…
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Tips for Raising Backyard Chickens

Advice on starting your own flock.
People are more and more concerned with what they’re eating each day, and care very much about where their food is coming from. Homesteaders,…
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Gardens for Kids

Pass down the knowledge of nurturing plants for beauty and food by creating a garden for kids.
It is important to pass on information from generation to generation and gardening…
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Make a Vertical Garden

Grow your own herbs, vegetables, succulents or ornamentals in a DIY vertical garden
Got no space? Maybe you live in an apartment or your backyard has been taken over by…
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Choosing Patio Furniture

Explore different designs, materials and functionality to help when choosing patio furniture for your home.
Choosing patio furniture can be a perplexing task with all the different types that are…
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Secrets to Growing Tomatoes

Find out the top secrets to growing tomatoes that are beautiful and delicious.
Nothing is better than picking a fresh, ripe tomato from the vine and taking a delicious, juicy…
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5 Ways to Make a Beautiful Butterfly Garden

“Butterflies are self propelled flowers.”  ~R.H. Heinlein
There is nothing more glorious than seeing the first butterfly flutter into your garden. There is an element of grace and beauty that…
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How to Water Your Garden

Advice for How & When to Water
Compared to taking care of a pet, many think plants can be simple to take care of–usually, all you need to do is…
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Control Your House with Your Smartphone

How To Control Your Appliances from Anywhere.
As the internet creeps further into our lives, it’s almost become standard for homeowners to communicate with internet-connected home appliances via their phones,…
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