Small Indoor Winter Gardening Ideas

Indoor projects that children and seniors will love!
When the weather outside is frightful, grow indoors! The wintertime doesn’t have to mean the end of getting your hands dirty with…
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Winter-Proof Your Patio Furniture

Keep Your Patio Furniture Safe in Winter Weather
You may have furnished your patio into the ultimate outdoor hangout spot, but when harsh winter weather rolls around, you might find…
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Gorgeous Fall Container Ideas

Bring instant autumn to your front door, patio or balcony with striking fall containers.
As leaves turn and drop in your landscape, it’s fun to add some color and texture….
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Putting the Garden to Bed for the Winter

Put your garden to bed & protect plants from cold!
Now that it’s getting colder, you might be wondering what to do with your garden that you’ve worked so hard…
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Make Your Own Mini-Bistro

If you love European bistros, the drinks and warm elegance, create your own inviting area to enjoy morning coffee or a casual lunch.
Maybe you visited some classic French or…
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Fall Home and Lawn Projects

Before you cozy up in front of the fire, complete a few simple fall projects to keep your home and lawn in tip-top shape come spring.
Every fall, it’s time…
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Spooky Plants and Flowers for Halloween

Flowers and more that will make you scream!
When we think of Halloween, we typically think of ghouls, ghosts, goblins and other freaky entities or animals. It’s easy to forget…
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Steel Wool to the Rescue

Uses for Steel Wool range from stopping infestations of rodents, starting a fire, refinishing wood and metal surfaces and even keeping mice out of the house.
Steel wool is a…
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5 Great Perennials to Plant Now

Contrary to what you might think, fall is one of the best times to plant perennials.
Now, these plants are not going to look all bright and fancy like they…
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Make Your Own Mulch

Mulch boosts your plants’ health all year long. Save some money by making your own.
Mulching perennials in the fall helps them survive chilly winters, and spring mulching keeps plants…
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