Outdoor Living

Summer Décor and Easy DIY Projects

From outside parties to summer vacations
Whether you are planning a party soon outside or just want your home and garden to feel relaxed like summer vacation, we have some…
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Storing Your Pool Stuff By The Pool

Now you have your staycation pool resort
You don’t want it to look cluttered with toys and stuff.  So, how best to pack away the things you and your family…
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Swimming Pools – New Designs and Considerations

It’s relaxing, resort- like and luxurious…
But there are costs and design issues to consider when thinking about if a swimming pool is for you. New trends continue to…
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Bring The Hawaiian Tropics To Your Yard

You don’t have to be in Hawaii to feel like you’re in Hawaii

If Hawaii or some other tropical destination is your dream vacation, why not bring the vacation to…
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DIY Tiki Torches and Plant Labels

Tiki torch lamps add so much beauty and summer tropics to your outdoor space
But why not make it yourself? All you need are some wine bottles, or water…
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How to Make an Adirondack Chair

Summer living screams spending time relaxing on some comfy patio furniture 
And while there are a lot of great options to choose from at your favorite store, or showroom, Eric…
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Pond Plant Shopping List

What to buy for your pond
A pond comes to life when you bring in aquatic plants or pond plants that give it that natural, rich and lush feel that…
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Hosting a Wedding in Your Backyard

So you want to have a wedding in your home or backyard?
It is a great idea because not only will it make that big day even more sentimental…
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How to Shop for a Grill

So many choices, here’s what to look for
First of all – the best time to buy a grill – even though you’ll see sales going on throughout the summer-…
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Eric’s Pond Project – Final Week Left

After Eric’s trip to the Big Box store
In search of a broom, and a “few succulents” led to a big DIY waterfall and pond in the backyard project-…
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