Outdoor Living

Summer Movie Night – Make Your Backyard a Theater!

Going to the movies is a great escape
There is something special about seeing your favorite film on that big screen, in those comfy theater seats, with the big sound…
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Bubbles and Other Summer Project Ideas

Everyone loves bubbles

From larger than life bubbles to home brewed teas and concoctions to keep bugs away, here are some ways to not only save money but to have…
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Summer Party Décor Ideas

Summer Party Decor
Don’t you love outdoor parties when the weather is just right? Now is the time to plan those summer gatherings. And while it’s always the people and…
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Napping Places – How to Create Yours

I’m an early to bed and early to rise kind of gal for the most part
Although on those occasions when I do stay up into the late late…
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Upgrade Your Yard for Entertaining

Backyard Entertaining

Looking to stage your outdoor space for summer relaxing and entertaining? It starts by creating an outdoor living room look and feel. For me, my re-design started with…
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Summer Drinks

From fruits and juices to veggies and herbs
There is something uber refreshing about Summer drinks. Our ideas range from those with to those without alcohol – and either…
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How to Hang a Flag

Feeling Patriotic?
We always love how an American Flag looks flying outside of your home! It makes the home look more homey and certainly proud to be American! And for…
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July Garden To Do’s

Just like you need a vacation, so do your houseplants!
Summer is a time to give your philodendron and spider plant an outdoor break with fresh air and not…
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Imagine This Bubble In Your Yard?

It’s a room with a view that bubbles up your outdoor living experience
Welcome to the G Pod –
It is a pre-fab sphere that is designed for living and…
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Airstream Living

They are sleek, nostalgic, and a reminder of classic American road travel
The Airstream, still going strong. There is a reason by they look a bit like a jet…
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