Outdoor Living

Feed the Birds

Birds need more seed in late winter than other times of year, so check our tips for choice winter bird food.
Depending on where you live, you’ll see fewer, and…
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Make Your Own Mini-Bistro

If you love European bistros, the drinks and warm elegance, create your own inviting area to enjoy morning coffee or a casual lunch.
Maybe you visited some classic French or…
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10 Fun Water Games That Make a Splash!

Make a water park in your own backyard
When the weather’s nice, it’s a crime to keep indoors. But no one likes becoming dehydrated, either! Thankfully, there are many fun…
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Add Hardscape Interest to Your Garden

Once you’ve taken care of your lawn and garden tasks, it’s time to plan ahead. What are some of your hardscaping needs or dreams?
Hardscaping is a nonliving part of…
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Transform Your Garden into an Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather’s nice, you’ll want to take advantage by spending as much time outside as possible.
A cookout or even an outdoor cocktail get-together help make the most of…
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Backyard Camping Ideas

Look no further than the yard for a great camping experience!
Camping is not only a great way to get in touch with nature, but can also be a mini-vacation…
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Pool Options

When it comes to swimming pools, there’s an option for every budget and backyard. Get started with these ideas for a new pool or upgrade your outdated one.
Nothing beats…
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Grill Gadgets and Tools

What’s new for the BBQ this year? Check out the latest gadgets and tools.
When summer heats up, your grill should too. And we’ve got some of the hottest tools…
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Summer Snacks for Pool Parties

Pool parties are about fun, friends and cooling off. Make your snacks fun and easy to eat.
When it gets hot outside, it’s time to jump in the pool and…
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Ring of Fire – Outdoor Firepits

Backyard firepits are hot. They can toast marshmallows and melt the soles of your shoes. But mostly, they create a relaxing atmosphere where family and friends enjoy the warmth…
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