Top 10 Groundcover Plants for Landscaping

Ground cover plants are an attractive way to fill in space in your landscape, especially where you have trouble getting anything else to grow.
If you have a trouble spot…
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Beneficial Bees and the Plants that Attract Them

Save the bees by planting flowers they’ll enjoy all year.
Honey bees are known as workhorses, producing their delicious product that’s an all-natural alternative to sugar. The only reason bees…
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Bug Eating-Carnivorous Plants

Why You Need Carnivorous Plants In Your Home and Garden
They are gorgeous, exotic and like a super-model, alluring! They have the power to draw in bugs, from spiders and…
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New Roses For 2014

Cindy and Eric were bitten by rose fever at the Rose Parade and you will be too with these new roses for 2014.
After covering this year’s Rose Parade in…
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Seed Catalogs

Nothing is better than sitting near the fire on a rainy or snowy winter day and pursuing piles of seed catalogs and planning the garden to be planted in…
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Sharpen Up Your Garden Edge: How to Sharpen Garden Tools

How many times have you taken out a pair of pruners only to find they wouldn’t cut a pencil because they are so rusty and dull?
It is always best…
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Plan a New Garden – Get Ready for Spring

Successful gardens are planned. They are carefully thought out and research is done to make sure all the plants in the garden get along and will grow together in…
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Greenhouses – DIY or Kits

Add a greenhouse in 2014 for growing food and flowers and entertaining.
Greenhouses are the “new” wine bar hobby for adults. They’re great for stretching your growing season or plant…
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Window Boxes Bring a Fall Garden to Life

Adding window boxes to your home will compliment the season perfectly and add rich color to the outside of your home

Pictured here are beautiful autumnal floral arrangements!

Dwarf Alberta, kales,…
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Fall Bloomers

The fall season is associated with falling crimson leaves, rich browns and golds but there are beautiful fall bloomers that you should know about!

You may not realize it, but…
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