Grass Free Front Yards

Avoid mowing and maintenance with Lawn Free Front Yards
Pretty green lawns are nice, but they are a pain to keep perfect and green. Inevitably a yellow dandelion or wild…
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10 DIY Garden Markers

Homemade garden markers to label your herbs and plants.
When planting an herb or vegetable garden, you’ll want to label everything so you can keep track of what’s there and…
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Small Garden Ideas for Your Apartment

Window Boxes and More for Urban Gardening
Living in an urban apartment doesn’t mean forsaking foliage and greenery completely. Even with limited space and no yard, you can still grow…
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Wildlife Through the Window

Creating a little wildlife sanctuary in your yard can bring delightful sights through the window and beneficial amenities to a variety of critters. It doesn’t need to be expensive…
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The Stories Behind Lawn Ornaments

The history of garden gnomes, plastic flamingos and more.
Loved and reviled by many, lawn ornaments remain popular all over the world, but few us know how or why. You…
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Preventing Common Household Pests

Everyone hates household pests. Whether you fear those whom walk on more than four legs, are repulsed by animal droppings in your home or are concerned about the transfer…
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Free Bird Enthusiast Apps

These apps are for the birds! You can use them for bird watching, bird identifying and attracting birds to your garden.
Spring brings birds, and you want to identify your…
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Create Unique Garden Edgings and Borders

Use interesting items from around the yard and house to create unique garden edgings and borders that will enhance your garden and make for a good conversation piece.
Garden edgings…
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Bayer Bee Care Center

Cindy visits the North American Bayer Bee Care Center.

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Plant a Garden in an Egg Shell

Plant a garden in an eggshell using grass seed and make it into an egghead character the kids will love.
A fun family project during spring is to plant a…
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