Steel Wool to the Rescue

Uses for Steel Wool range from stopping infestations of rodents, starting a fire, refinishing wood and metal surfaces and even keeping mice out of the house.
Steel wool is a…
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5 Great Perennials to Plant Now

Contrary to what you might think, fall is one of the best times to plant perennials.
Now, these plants are not going to look all bright and fancy like they…
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Make Your Own Mulch

Mulch boosts your plants’ health all year long. Save some money by making your own.
Mulching perennials in the fall helps them survive chilly winters, and spring mulching keeps plants…
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Help Your Garden Beat the Heat

Your plants can’t run for cover during hot, sunny days. Use these tips to help them survive heat and drought.
Hot, dry days can wilt plants and leave them vulnerable…
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Eat Your Yard

Stop fighting some of the weeds in your yard and save a little money by eating edible weeds and flowers.
It’s repurposing at its finest, nature as it’s intended. Make…
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10 Tips to Design a Gorgeous Garden

Design your dream garden!
Undertaking a project can be overwhelming, and getting your garden in shape is no different. While inspiration may strike while browsing the nursery, it’s essential that…
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Different Ways to Preserve Herbs from the Garden

Preserving herbs from the garden brings flavor to meals all year round. 
Most chefs prefer to work with fresh herbs in the kitchen and they can afford to do that….
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Making Seed Bombs

Guerilla gardening made easy!
Whether you live in the suburbs or the city, seed bombs can be a great way to promote beautification–and making them is a fun craft for…
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Monochromatic Garden Splash

One color gardens have stunning eye appeal in bloom, and you can create one in a small section – as small as a container on your balcony – or…
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Comparing Mulches

Mulching around trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables makes good gardening sense, especially if you use the right mulch for the job. We’ll compare a few mulch choices for common…
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