10 Fabulous Fall Container Plants

Brighten up the porch with a seasonal potted garden!
This fall, try something different by setting up a container garden. A collection of attractive potted plants is not only versatile–you…
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Turn Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Theater

Enjoy a night of flicks with friends, family, and refreshments.
There’s hardly a better way to have fun in your own backyard than to plan an outdoor movie night! Summer…
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10 Healing Plants to Grow in Your Garden

An easy and pretty garden pharmacy!
Want a garden that’s pretty and practical? Try growing some healing plants! Harvesting medicinal herbs from the garden lets you save money on common over-the-counter medication,…
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Growing Vegetables from Kitchen Waste

Like a phoenix, they rise again!
Why buy fruits and vegetables that you can grow yourself? Growing new produce from kitchen waste saves money, and can be a fun activity…
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Conserving Water Tips

Cut down on water with simple changes & hacks
The years just seem to keep getting hotter! Each year, some communities are faced with compulsory measures to cut down on…
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Must-Have Garden Accessories

Treat yourself to these essential garden tools.
Before you go to town on your garden, take inventory and be sure that you’ve got everything you need. Useful accessories can make…
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Guide to Springtime Garden Pests

A pesticide-free guide to dealing with pests.
When gardening, it’s easy to put all your attention on the composition and needs of your plants and to forget about the pests…
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How to De-clutter the Garden Workspace

Out with the old, in with the new!
While it might be less exciting, the first and most important step in gardening season is to de-clutter your workspace. An organized,…
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How to Make a Fairy Garden

Getting whimsical in the garden.
Add a touch of whimsy to your garden by making a miniature fairy garden or gnome garden! A fairy garden is a teeny-tiny, contained garden…
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Make Cheap Flowers Look Great

These hacks will make any arrangement shine!
Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or you’re simply feeling springy, a beautiful bouquet is certainly a panacea–you can’t go wrong…
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