Keep It Tidy!

3 Simple Ways to Clean the Microwave

Keeping things clean with steam!
Cleaning can be all too easy to put off when it feels like a hassle–and sometimes a small appliance is all the more difficult to…
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Bye Bye, Fruit Fly! How to Keep Your Kitchen Fruit Fly Free!

How to get rid of a pesky fruit fly – fast! – using two things you may already have in your kitchen!
Fruit flies can be a crazy critter in…
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Clear Clutter – Pretend to Move and Stage Your Home

Whether you’ve got company coming or simply because you want your home to look tidier and a little classier, take a tip from real estate pros and stage your…
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Why You Need Lemons in your Fridge

Lemons are small, bright and versatile fruits that you can use for cooking and cleaning.
Lemons remind you of summer days, sipping iced tea and lemonade, of course! But the…
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Tips for Packing Before Your Vacation

Maximize space and don’t forget a thing!
The family vacation can certainly be a satisfying, relaxing way to kick back and spend some time together. But arrangements can be a…
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Tips for Making Food Last Longer in the Fridge

Keep food from turning—or turning weird colors—with these tips for keeping food fresh in your fridge.
Groceries aren’t cheap, and the fruits, herbs and vegetables you grow are so much…
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Outdoor Storage Solutions

Easy ways to hide garden tools or what have you.
You want your garden to be a beautiful place to rest and relax. This means you’ll want to keep the…
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Paw Shui: Building the Right Home For Your Pet

Using the foundations of feng shui, a pet owner can establish a great, tasteful home for his or her pet.
Feng shui is the study of setting up a home…
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Use Kitchen Products to Beat Odor

Plenty of cleaning products in your kitchen cabinets can help you get rid of unwanted odors, and most are natural. They’re all convenient.
Your kitchen dishwasher and drain will smell…
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Craft Closet Organizing Ideas

Organize a storage and work space for craft supplies and craft projects
Whether the extent of your craftiness is regular gift wrapping or full-blown family involvement in handmade holiday gifts,…
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