Garage Organization Month

Putting an end to clutter is a never ending battle.

My husband and I have this joke – When will I get rid of my Dad’s slides and my old…
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No Space and Too Much Sound?

Less is more
Unless what you have won’t fit or you feel claustrophobic in your home sweet home…
Here are some ideas to make your place look and feel more spacious….
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Getting Organized in the New Year

Get Zen
Whether it’s a wish list, a dream to improve or a hope to feel you are more on track, here we talk about it with Organization Zen expert,…
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Making the Right Moves – How to Move without Stress

The Key to a Stress-Free Move is Planning Ahead

Whether you are upsizing or downsizing chances are you can count on moving at least 16 times in your lifetime! …
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Clutter Isn’t the Villain – It’s Your Stories!

The Host of the Style Network’s “Clean House” shares the Secret to FINALLY Letting Go of Stuff We Don’t Really Need

Designer Mark Brunetz has seen it thousands of times…
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