Medicine Cabinet Organization – What Magnets Have to Do With It

Need a bandage? Need 20 bandage boxes?
When you need a bandage for a scraped kneed or simply have to get to daily makeup and medicines, it’s always nice to…
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Make Your Kitchen Holiday Ready

Clean & tidy in time for the celebrations

You will spend more time in the kitchen, during the holidays, than you will ever spend unwrapping presents. Home Wizards live to…
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Don’t Remodel Before The Holidays

Update instead

It is a bad idea to want to remodel rooms in the house right before the holiday. Even repainting a room can take two to three days to…
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How to make your home a welcome place

for overnight guests during the holidays
Have you ever gone to stay overnight at an out-of-town friend’s house where they threw you in the extra bedroom along with all the…
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Smooth Sale-ing for Garage Sales

Garage sales are a lot of work. But if you do them right they can be fun and profitable.

Like most things in life, the secret to a successful…
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Organize Your Refrigerator

Is your refrigerator so out of control you can’t even find the butter!? Time for a clean out. Listen to these tips for getting your fridge nice and organized…
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Clutter Control

Seeing Red Can Make You Clutter-Free

Included in this article:

De-clutter it!
Decorate it!
Dub it!

Nothing makes me see red more than a pile of clutter! Unfortunately, clutter happens to all of us….
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Stow It Or Throw It

Conquering the Entertainment Center

Included in this article:

Sorting Movies
Sorting Games

When I was a kid, our entertainment center was the backyard! Now, there is an explosion of things you can buy…
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Keeping Food Fresh Longer at Home

Saving on Groceries Doesn’t Just Stop at the Supermarket Checkout

Stretch your dollar further by using some of our tricks to extend the life of what you eat!

Get an Ethylene…
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Super Cool Refrigerator Keeps Produce Fresh For Weeks!

Imagine heading home from the farmers’ market you love with a rainbow of fresh veggies and fruits, and having them stay “alive” and fresh for weeks on end?

It’s a…
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