Tips for Packing Before Your Vacation

Maximize space and don’t forget a thing!
The family vacation can certainly be a satisfying, relaxing way to kick back and spend some time together. But arrangements can be a…
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Tips for Making Food Last Longer in the Fridge

Keep food from turning—or turning weird colors—with these tips for keeping food fresh in your fridge.
Groceries aren’t cheap, and the fruits, herbs and vegetables you grow are so much…
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Outdoor Storage Solutions

Easy ways to hide garden tools or what have you.
You want your garden to be a beautiful place to rest and relax. This means you’ll want to keep the…
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Paw Shui: Building the Right Home For Your Pet

Using the foundations of feng shui, a pet owner can establish a great, tasteful home for his or her pet.
Feng shui is the study of setting up a home…
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Craft Closet Organizing Ideas

Organize a storage and work space for craft supplies and craft projects
Whether the extent of your craftiness is regular gift wrapping or full-blown family involvement in handmade holiday gifts,…
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Host a Successful Garage Sale

Make money on your garage sale with these marketing and organization tips.
We’ve made hundreds of dollars on garage sales and have helped plenty of friends and family members host…
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Tips for Pantry Organization

Keeping your pantry organized helps you save money and time.
If you know what is in the pantry, you can center your meals around what you do have and you…
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Emergency Survival Kits for Earthquakes and Other Disasters

Be Ready With This All Purpose Emergency Kit
I live in Earthquake country, where the reality is not “if” but “when” the next big earthquake will hit. No matter where…
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Home Binders – Keep Your Place Organized From A to Z

Even in the digital age, a home binder can help keep you and your household organized.
There’s something satisfying about holding a three-ring binder in your hand to organize your…
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Organize Your Sitter Info For Kids and Pets

Use your home binder to keep house and pet sitters up to speed and save yourself some time.
You know the drill. You’re getting ready to head out of town…
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