How to De-clutter the Garden Workspace

Out with the old, in with the new!
While it might be less exciting, the first and most important step in gardening season is to de-clutter your workspace. An organized,…
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Design a Peaceful Home in 8 Easy Steps

Channel your inner Zen with these simple home changes.
There’s no end to keeping a home tidy, and often you might find yourself drowning under the clutter. If you find…
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Tips for Better Organizing the Kitchen

If you love to cook, chances are your drawers and cabinets are overflowing with herbs and kitchenware to the point where it’s difficult to find what you need, when…
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Ideas for Fall Organizing

Forget about spring cleaning! It’s time for fall organizing.
You think summer was busy with vacations and activities? Fall is the second busiest season, and always seems to fly by….
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Home Office Ergonomics

When you calculate nearly $4 for a gallon of gas, plus $3.50 for a cup of coffee, and then factor in time lost sitting in traffic, telecommuting, also known…
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Checklist to Closet Organization Heaven

Get your closet in shape–in 10 easy steps!
It can be a horrible way to begin the day: opening the closet to find a cluttered mess of clothes that’s impossible…
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Moving Day – Plan It or Imagine It to get Organized

Moving Day can be a smooth, stress-free event with proper planning and organization. You can even use these planning tips to clear clutter without the big move.
The big bennie…
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Dress Your Home Office for Success

Clear your home office, and your mind, to work more efficiently with these organization tips.
People who work at home full-time or part-time spend so much of their days bidding…
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Digitize or Donate

Backing up files is critical for your work and for your precious personal items.
Computer professionals have their preferences, some saying that external hard drives work, but others pointing out…
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Clear Clutter – Pretend to Move and Stage Your Home

Whether you’ve got company coming or simply because you want your home to look tidier and a little classier, take a tip from real estate pros and stage your…
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