Alternate Uses for Scented Dryer Sheets

Fabric softener sheets, also called dryer sheets, do not cost all that much and they have so many alternate uses.
These sweet smelling sheets can do many things besides leaving…
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Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Your Grill

Cleaning your grill will both extend its life as well as ensure your food keeps the flavor you love. To make the most out of your grill (and barbecue…
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Preventing Common Household Pests

Everyone hates household pests. Whether you fear those whom walk on more than four legs, are repulsed by animal droppings in your home or are concerned about the transfer…
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Chemical Free Cleaning Ideas for the Kitchen

Your kitchen appliances might need a little Spring Cleaning. Clean them with vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and other natural products.
Vinegar uses aplenty! The following are steps on how…
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Spring Cleaning Your Walls with Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Walls need to be cleaned at least once a year to get off grime, dirt, and those pesky cobwebs.
Spring cleaning your walls is a big job that takes a…
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Cleaning Your Floors with Homemade Solutions

Tile, wood, vinyl and linoleum floors need to be cleaned at least on a weekly basis.
The old way of cleaning was to get down on your hands and knees…
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Gamification: Gamify Your Chores

Game designer Jane McGonigal writes in her book Reality is Broken that video games help us feel more productive, even if all we’re doing is clearing falling blocks on…
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Fireplace Tips: Safety and Decor

Tips and Talk from the Home Wizards on all things “Fireplace”
During the colder seasons, whether you experience the frigid temps of a Chicago winter or whether the Southern Californian…
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Speedy Cleaning for a Spotless Bathroom

The Home Wizards way
If you’re going to spend time here, it’s much more enjoyable in a bubble bath or steamy shower than with a rag and cleanser. In small,…
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Spill The Wine

Quick get the stain remover

Spilling wine on your favorite holiday dress does not have to be a buzz kill, especially if you are prepared.

The next time you are…
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