Guide to Springtime Garden Pests

A pesticide-free guide to dealing with pests.
When gardening, it’s easy to put all your attention on the composition and needs of your plants and to forget about the pests…
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Natural Cleaning and Scents

Make your home smell fresh and chemical free with these DIY natural cleaners, air fresheners and scent makers.
Whether it’s kids, pets or simply having to close the house up…
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Fixes for Pet Damaged Furniture

Puppy chew marks, cat scratches and dog vomit. Sounds like the making of a horror movie, at least for your nice furniture. Try these ideas to fix the damage…
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Holiday Stain Solutions

Try these tips for getting stains out of holiday clothes, linens, carpets or furniture.
It’s two days from the holiday party you’ve been planning to host for months and you…
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Salt Isn’t Only for Cooking

Salt is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. It flavors main dishes and makes desserts light and flavorful.
Using salt in cooking is a must, but did you know that…
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15 Practical Uses for Baking Soda

It’s not just for baking!
Perhaps you’ve noticed that baking soda is the cornerstone in all Arm & Hammer products. It makes you wonder how many different uses you can find…
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Get Rid Of Ants In Your Kitchen

Tired of those pesky critters? Here’s a way to get rid of ants in your kitchen and keep them out with a handy DIY ant attack kit.
The Ant Attack…
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Steel Wool to the Rescue

Uses for Steel Wool range from stopping infestations of rodents, starting a fire, refinishing wood and metal surfaces and even keeping mice out of the house.
Steel wool is a…
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How to Wash Your Washing Machine

Wash that washer!
Appliances that clean stuff for us are a godsend–but it’s easy to forget that they, too, will need to be cleaned every so often. Dyes and other…
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Moving Day – Plan It or Imagine It to get Organized

Moving Day can be a smooth, stress-free event with proper planning and organization. You can even use these planning tips to clear clutter without the big move.
The big bennie…
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