Fixes for Pet Damaged Furniture

Puppy chew marks, cat scratches and dog vomit. Sounds like the making of a horror movie, at least for your nice furniture. Try these ideas to fix the damage…
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14. Take your pet with you.

An increasing amount of hotels are allowing pets to come with their people on vacation and they cater to them by supplying goodies and beds for the pet. Make…
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No Sew Halloween Costumes for People & Pets

It’s time to get creative, grab a few materials and dress up the kids, the dogs and your own wicked self for some Halloween fun with these easy, no-sew…
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Kitty Litter Box Ideas

Kitty can be finicky, but can you blame her? Try these ideas to keep your cat’s litter box pleasing to her and easier on the eye for you.
Cleanliness is…
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Paw Shui: Building the Right Home For Your Pet

Using the foundations of feng shui, a pet owner can establish a great, tasteful home for his or her pet.
Feng shui is the study of setting up a home…
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Setting Up an Aquarium: What to Know

Everything you need to know before setting up an aquarium.
You might have had a few pet fish as a child, as they make for simple pets that don’t require…
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A Safe Pet For The Great Outdoors

Summertime is a great time for the Great Outdoors with your pet. But before you hit the beach, lake, pool or trails, here are some tips and tricks to…
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5 Tips for a Dog Room

Ideas for giving your pet a space for rest & play!
Why not give your furry friend their own room? A dedicated doggie bedroom or playroom can be a great…
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Save and Use Mismatched Socks for Unconventional Uses

Save and use mismatched socks for unconventional uses including cleaning, making toys for kids and pets and many other useful things around the house.
Make a rule in your house…
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Tips for Raising Backyard Chickens

Advice on starting your own flock.
People are more and more concerned with what they’re eating each day, and care very much about where their food is coming from. Homesteaders,…
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