It’s Alive!

14. Take your pet with you.

An increasing amount of hotels are allowing pets to come with their people on vacation and they cater to them by supplying goodies and beds for the pet. Make…
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Holiday Cactus Types

The word “Holiday Cactus” more aptly describes the type of cacti that bloom during Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. Although they may look similar to most people, they are of…
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Soldier Care Package Guide

As the daughter of an Air Force Colonel, I love to support our troops. One great way to say we all miss you back at home is to send…
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No Sew Halloween Costumes for People & Pets

It’s time to get creative, grab a few materials and dress up the kids, the dogs and your own wicked self for some Halloween fun with these easy, no-sew…
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5 Great Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall is here and what better time to spend some quality time with your kids than working on some creative fall craft projects. Kids of all ages, and adults,…
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Prepping Your Family for Emergencies

Getting prepared before disaster strikes.
Each season carries its own risk of natural disasters: blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and more. It’s always important to have a plan to put in…
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10 Fun Water Games That Make a Splash!

Make a water park in your own backyard
When the weather’s nice, it’s a crime to keep indoors. But no one likes becoming dehydrated, either! Thankfully, there are many fun…
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Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Use these tips for making fresh-cut flowers last in your vases to save money and enjoy your arrangements longer.
A simple flower arrangement can brighten any dinner party, room, staged…
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10 Ways to Put Your Kids’ Art in the Spotlight

Ditch the fridge & go for a gallery treatment!
No one paints quite like children, and one of the many joys of parenting is watching your child express themselves visually….
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Kitty Litter Box Ideas

Kitty can be finicky, but can you blame her? Try these ideas to keep your cat’s litter box pleasing to her and easier on the eye for you.
Cleanliness is…
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