Girl Scout Cookie Upgrades

Tis the season for delicious Girl Scout Cookies!
We love supporting our kids, especially when it comes to delicious Girl Scout Cookies. Here are some fun and creative twists on…
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Soldier Care Package Guide

As the daughter of an Air Force Colonel, I love to support our troops. One great way to say we all miss you back at home is to send…
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5 Great Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall is here and what better time to spend some quality time with your kids than working on some creative fall craft projects. Kids of all ages, and adults,…
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Prepping Your Family for Emergencies

Getting prepared before disaster strikes.
Each season carries its own risk of natural disasters: blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and more. It’s always important to have a plan to put in…
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10 Fun Water Games That Make a Splash!

Make a water park in your own backyard
When the weather’s nice, it’s a crime to keep indoors. But no one likes becoming dehydrated, either! Thankfully, there are many fun…
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10 Ways to Put Your Kids’ Art in the Spotlight

Ditch the fridge & go for a gallery treatment!
No one paints quite like children, and one of the many joys of parenting is watching your child express themselves visually….
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Making Seed Bombs

Guerilla gardening made easy!
Whether you live in the suburbs or the city, seed bombs can be a great way to promote beautification–and making them is a fun craft for…
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Backyard Camping Ideas

Look no further than the yard for a great camping experience!
Camping is not only a great way to get in touch with nature, but can also be a mini-vacation…
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Kids Summer Crafts

Have materials on hand for kids summer crafts when the kids start to get bored.
How many times have parents heard the phrase, “There is nothing to do,” whined by…
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Save and Use Mismatched Socks for Unconventional Uses

Save and use mismatched socks for unconventional uses including cleaning, making toys for kids and pets and many other useful things around the house.
Make a rule in your house…
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